DIY Plant Posts For Lights! Light Up Your Life!

Outdoor lights are the best way to get the most out of your backyard at night! Beautiful weather is upon us, well, most of us! My twist after after reading a wonderful blog on lighting on, was simply to add more lights!!

No Trees? No Problem!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  Shop at your local Lowes, Hope Depot, Big Lots, or any other store that sells lights! Cut costs by shopping on days that offer holidays discounts!

Light Poles:

1) Pick up four 8ft (96 in.) wooden dowels for less than $13 each, four steel screw hooks for $4 each, four plants that can survive your gardening skills and four plant pots of your choosing!

Mix Cement with Dowel in Pot! Use Tape to Hold in Place!

2) Additional items: Paint (for the dowels), pea pebbles (4 bags for $3 each), and one bag of quick drying cement (less than $5).

3) You can paint the dowels before you place in pots or place in pots then paint!

Pour Pea Gravel into Pot!

4) Place dowel in plant pot and pour cement!  Once cement is dry, pour pea pebbles! Each dowel should be very sturdy once the cement drys!

Use Pea Gravel to Hold Tiki Torches in Place!

5) Let your green thumb gardening skills let loose!

Paint Dowels Beforehand or After! Plant Your Favorite Plants!

6) String lights!

Your Backyard Transformed!

Get out the projector! Get out your makeshift movie screen (previous post)! YouTube your favorite music videos! Have your own outdoor concert!

Ready for Movie Night!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Backyard Fun!

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