Winter Wonderland Igloo!

Our Winter Wonderland Garden Igloo Dome!

Garden igloos rentals are extremely popular this time of year at posh restaurants, bars, and hotels.

These establishments offer patrons a way to enjoy a few cocktails in an outdoor picturesque setting regardless of the temperature or weather.

A Night Out With Friends!

Our love affair with a dome igloo began after renting one for two hours at the Next Whisky Bar located at the iconic Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC.

Why Rent When You Can Own!

With the cost of renting one, which included a minimum amount required to spend on drinks, I realized we practically paid for one!

No More $400 Igloo Rental!

We were determined to have our very own igloo across town in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC.

Buy Fun Throws and Pillows From Stores Like Big Lots, T.J. Maxx, Ross, or Marshall’s!

After research, measuring our outdoor space, we purchased the Garden Dome Igloo online and the rest of winter was history.

Sidewalk View!

The Garden Dome Igloo is a perfect place to host an outdoor gathering and it is a perfect space for children to play while getting fresh air.

Same Look, Different Town!

The Garden Dome Igloo sold on has a diameter of 11′ 9″ and a height of 7′ 2″. The base area is 107 ft². In other words, it takes up a lot of space!

Garden Igloo on!

Unfortunately, the item is not currently on Amazon Prime; therefore, delivery was between 2-3 weeks. Although it was in a compacted medium size box, it did take two of us to move it to its desired location due to the weight.

Live Outdoors!

For furniture, we had a Corvus Melrose 8-piece brown wicket set that was perfect! The set consisted of three oversized armless chairs, two club chairs, and one ottoman and there was plenty of room for 8 guests.

East Capitol Hill Friends!

To heat the igloo, we used a small electrical heater. Once we secured the igloo for windy days, we were truly set for the winter.

 Outside Winter Fun!

Last year, we set up our garden igloo in our front yard of our home in DC. This year, we set it up on our backyard patio deck in Williamsburg, VA.

Facebook Market Furniture!

To furnish the Garden Dome Igloo in Williamsburg, we purchased similar used wicker furniture from Facebook Market.

You can get the same posh look and save money shopping at Big Lots, T.J. Maxx, Ross or Marshalls!

Save Money Shopping at Big Lots or Facebook Market!

I love our garden igloo so much I left my first product review on

Amazon Review!

For my family, it is an igloo adventure each night regardless of the temperature or weather!

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