DIY Self Help! Welcome Uninvited Chaos!

When uninvited chaos knocks on your front door, take a deep breath, and pour a glass of wine! You can turn the unexpected (unwanted) arrival as a necessary self help guide instead to reflect and use the time to provide the clarity needed for recreating the most important person in your life ~ YOU!

You may not understand why or how your life became so chaotic; however, this is best time to wrap yourself in  prayer to fully understand the best path that God has created for you to move forward in a positive way! When my guest unexpectedly arrived, I lengthen my prayer time and the idea of created this website came to me as a way of coping instead of dwelling on what looked like a gloomy outcome in my future. God, my faith, my family, and my friends helped me create the many articles published in ReCreative Souls.

Our Garden of Spring Delight!

My unexpected guest of choas stayed for two years! We eventually parted ways and I closed the door not being a damaged soul but a better and stronger woman!  During the two year stay, I turned inward temporarily only to discover it was time to turn outward and share my creative side with the entire community and in return, we felt so beloved by the children and families of our neighborhood! During a time period that I should have given up on life altogether after non-stop setbacks, I managed to continue to find ways to recreate the best life for my family and myself. We created the best memories during a time period that should have  been tumultuous for us! The power of prayer!

Capitol Hill neighborhood daycare stopping by to say “thank you” for inspiring them to recreate some of our ReCreative Soul ideas in their classrooms! Happy dance!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  When you are facing life’s chaotic challenges, take a deep breath and pray! It is okay to turn inward temporarily but you cannot stop living your life!  This is the time to find the path to the best possible life you could live without the chaos! ReCreate your purpose in your Soul! Allow your faith, family, and friends to help you!

My little scarecrow that makes my heart full everyday!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Two years later! Traveling and still feeling inspired!

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Thank you for visiting us! Big hug from Irene, Steve and Max!

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