DIY Wax Removal! Wax on! Wax off!

Accidentally Poured Wax? No Problem with these Simple Tips!

Most owners of candles and/or candle warmers have accidently spilled or dropped one leaving a hot wax mess!

An Iron (or Hair Dryer) and Paper (or Wax Paper) is All You Need!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  For carpets, use the heat from an iron, a brown paper bag, and a cloth of some sort. In my demonstration, I used a Swifter Sweeper dry cloth. Place the brown paper bag onto the stain and iron away! No steam is necessary. Pat (or wipe) with a cloth and it will disappear.

Place Paper Over Wax and Start Ironing!

For walls, wood, or tiles, use the heat from a blow dryer and simply pat (or wipe).

For clothes or sweaters, use the heat from a blow dryer or iron, pat (or wipe), and use a razor to smooth out the material.

Wax is Gone!

In less than five minutes, the wax is gone!

Back to Normal!

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I am a Repeat Offender!

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