Wacky and Tacky Wrapped with Christmas Love!

Although this time of year can be happy and festive for some, it could be stressful and overwhelming for others. 

Our Wacky Tree!

For my family, it is alittle of column A and alittle of column B! Our trees are an ode to our emotions and decorating style this time of year, wacky and tacky wrapped with a whole lot of love and Christmas cheer!

Our Nutcracker Collection courtesy of CVS!

Happiness, love and madness fills our home this holiday season and we love the annual Nutcracker invasion!

Poinsettias are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and last the entire season!

We fill our house with fresh Poinsettias and start the official countdown to Santa’s arrival! We reminisce about the past year’s wonderful memories that made our hearts full and we make peace and find forgiveness for the hardships we have endured.

Our Lifesize Grinch!

If the Grinch can make a comeback in 2018 and have fun while doing so, so can we!

A small tree with all our favorite oranaments!

We welcome the New Year with new resolutions, happiness and laughter!

Our New Year’s Resolution!

And even if this time of year is a ball of holiday emotions for my family, we would not have it any other way.

We love the spirit of Santa!

We are committed to the spirit of Santa but we will always ensure our little boy understands the true meaning of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

ReCreative Souls would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Our Christmas tree in Williamsburg!

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Thank you for visiting us! Big hug from Irene, Steve, and Maxwell!

Countdown to Santa’s Arrival!
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