DIY Babygates! Shutter Up!

When my baby boy turned 9 months, we turned our home into what may have looked like a UFC octagon cage.

The Ocatagon in the Background!

A house that once catered to lavish parties now became a place that catered to keeping a child from having his own parties in areas we did not want him to be in. By 18 months, we declared war on all the plastic baby gates. We wanted our home back! Our perfect solution to keeping Max safe but with style was repurposing shutters into baby gates!

Repurposed Shutters!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  Visit your local area antique or vintage boutiques or flea markets to score some of your very own shutters for less than $9.  Use eye hooks with a baby clasps, not latches as seen in these pictures, for less than $2 to create your own chic baby or doggie gates. Use strips of wood to expand the sides of the shutters if they don’t fit exactly.

Easy to Install Hook!

If you have a cat, install at a height so your furry child can still have access to other rooms.

Baby Gates Gone!

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Thank you for visiting us! Big hug from Irene, Steve and Max!

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