(Pool) Noodles of Holiday Fun!

Pool noodles can be used for more than just swimming! A few ideas with pool noodles that are quick, cheap, and super easy to do!

To get started with candy canes, you will need pool noodles (Amazon sells a variety of packages but you need atleast two to make one swirly pop and one to make a candy cane), duct tape (any color), bows or holiday ribbon, stakes, and clear wire (optional).

Use Garden Sticks to Hold Oversized Candy Canes in Place!

Just wrap the duct tape diagonally along the length of the pool noodle, roll, hold using clear wire and add a holiday bow or ribbon!  You now have a oversize candy cane

Oversized Candy Canes and Swirly Pops!

For swirly pops, you will need atleast two pool noodles, hot glue, duct tape (any color), bows or holiday ribbon, stakes, PVC pipe, clear wrapping paper, and clear wire (optional).

Make Your Own Swirly Pops from Pool Noodles!

Hot glue or tape two pool noodles together, wrap the duct tape diagonally, roll the pool noodle to make the swirly pop, hot glue and/or use clear wire to tie end to keep in place, and use an exacto knife to make a hole at the bottom of your pool noodle. Next, insert the PVC pipe, wrap swirly pop top in clear wrap, and add a bow! You now have an oversized swirly pop!

Use PVC Pipe to Hold Your Swirly Pop in Place!

We turned our front yard into a winter candy land for our little boy in less than two hours!

Our Winter Wonderland!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Swirly Pop Fun with Kylo Ren at the National Harbor!

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