Toddler Room Decor! MTV (Manage Toddler Visits) Cribs

Despite reading everything on the topic (see last photo), sadly, we shared our bed with an unwanted little roommate for months because my son hated what his crib represented ~ confinement.

I even tried to get into the crib to get Maxwell to like it!

And not to mention, Max simply grew accustomed to co-sleeping with us. When I converted his crib into a little toddler bed for him, he relinquished control over our room and moved his toys back across the hall!

Crib converted to toddler bed!

ReCreative Soul Idea: Keep the crib, keep the cash. Simply remove the front (all dependent on what type of crib you own) and do not be afraid to drill your own holes to lower the mattress spring to the height you feel is comfortable for your toddler. Reinforce by drilling additional screws into the frame. I simply placed an outdoor patio love seat cushion that fits perfectly under his mattress spring. It is perfect because it is thick enough that it does not move when he is climbing in and out of his little bed.

Use a patio loveseat pillow for the floor!

Optional: place a few stickers of your little one’s favorite characters to cover the mattress spring holes; add pillows so your little one can build a little fort; use paracord (550 cord) to hang an iGuy or any other tablet case; make your own canopy without a sewing machine (one of my future post).

Maxwell enjoying his new bed!

Now, Max absolutely loves hanging out in his room! Better late than never. And now, we do a better job managing toddler visits (MTV) each night.

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