Baby Shower Ideas! Little Hands and Little Feet!

Pure and precious and oh-so sweet! We love showering an expecting mom with wonderful gifts to show how much we love her and to celebrate the baby’s impending arrival!

Reuse items around the house to decorate!

Baby showers can vary from being the traditional “all women” gatherings, to the more modern  “a celebration of the parent regardless of gender” gatherings, to “sprinkles” for moms or fathers that already have a child, or to “Jack and Jill” festivities that involve both parents!  Regardless of what type of baby shower, love and happiness is guranteed to fill the room!

Have fun with baby shower themes!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  Keep it low stress for the parent(s) to be! These are examples of a traditional, an outdoor, and a wine and beer tasting ~ all Jack and Jill ~ baby showers.

Baby showers can be indoors and outdoors!

As I planned each one, I mirrored the personalities of the parents and their friends.

Making your own platters are an easy way to cut costs!

Despite not being able to drink, the wine and beer tasting was ours because I wanted something completely different and fun for our guests!

We hosted a wine and beer tasting for our baby shower!

We paired our wines with different cheeses and chocolate.

A baby shower should be stress free!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  Baby showers are fun anywhere.  If you can host the party in the home or near the home, it makes it less stressful to transport all the baby gifts!  Also, save money by creating your own invitations!

Make your own invitations!

Hobby Lobby sells a variety of fun bags and cards to make any baby shower extra special!

Hobby Lobby sells a variety of gift bags!

Fill gift bags with custom M&Ms with the name of the soon to be born child, decorated glasses, or scented candles that smell like baby powder!

Gift bags for guests!

We had a safari theme for my baby shower so we selected specific colors for our M&Ms!

M&Ms can be custom ordered!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Our baby shower for Maxwell Lee Wargo!

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