Get Ready! Get Set! Re-Landscape!

It is time to put some time into the backyard you have not seen all winter!

Beautiful Backyard with No Outdoor Living Space!

Get out the lawnmower, build a fireplace, or put in a patio!

Our Backyard Being Transformed!

ReCreative Soul Idea: Get many quotes before you commit!

More Patio Space!

For this landscaping project, the highest quote was $9900 and the lowest was $1600 but I had to buy the materials.  I went with the lowest and ordered the materials from Lowes and since I am in the military, I received an additional 10% off.  Total costs was $2000 and it took two days total.

Custom Fireplace Built!

Another neat trick I learned from my Dad.  He loved Home Depot and worked out deals all the time with his local Home Depot to buy the excess items in their inventory because of canceled jobs. Do they have extra stones that are in excess because someone decided to cancel a job recently? These now became your stones if you are looking to cut costs.

Shops for Sales on Stones!

You can do that with almost anything with these two stores in scoring tile, wood, etc and save an extra 30%-50% to get it off their hands.

Now that your outdoor patio is ready, set up your projector to host your very own outdoor movie night! After splurging on relandscaping, be a cheap movie date!

Ready for Outdoor Movie Night!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Stone Seating Turns Into a Movie Screen!

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