Excuse the Mesh!

Mesh is Just Not for Christmas!

During this time of year, allow your creative soul to embark on an inspired journey that allows you to appreciate the blue skies, the flowers blooming, or even the raining falling.

Use it to Decorate for all the Holidays!

If you happen to slow down in front of my home to smell the roses, excuse our mesh!

Mesh is Inexpensive!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  Use mesh ribbon to decorate throughout the year! It is not only great for weddings or the winter holidays; use mesh ribbon to decorate for any occasion to make the it pop! It is sold in various sizes and colors! It is easy to work with, ideal to use for any all-weather condition, and it is inexpensive!

Order Mesh Online or Visit Your Local Craft Store!

Your local Michael’s or Amazon online sells mesh ribbon for $6-10 depending on size per roll. Trust me when I say, “it will be okay to be meshed up during any holiday!”

Pastel Colors for Easter!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

Ribbon and Mesh Are Great For All Holidays!

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