Don’t Leave Your Light Bulbs Naked!

Paper lanterns are great to accent any outdoor living area and they are the cheapest lighting option you can buy.

There are Tricks to Prolong the Life of Outdoor Paper Laterns!

Although they are very easy to use to dress your outdoor light bulbs, paper lanterns are not very stable and they can easily be destroyed during inclement weather.

A Special Paste is All You Need!

Because paper lanterns are made of thin, brightly colored paper, they were not meant to stay outdoors for long periods but could they? Absolutely!

Paper Laterns are Inexpensive and Fun!

They may not survive a hail storm but they could survive a few rain showers!

Use Mod Podge on Your Outdoor Laterns!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  Use Mod Podge, a water sealant glue, to extend the life of your paper lanterns! Amazon or your local Michaels store sells the water sealant for less than $8.

Lather and Let Dry!

Use a sponge, paper cloth, or paintbrush to apply a coat of glue (or several coats between drying) on each paper lantern, on the outside (and on the inside for perfectionist). It takes about three to five minutes to coat one paper lantern. Allow to dry for 72 hours. It may feel time consuming depending on how many paper lanterns you have; however, Mod Podge will really preserve the life of your paper lanterns and save you money in the end.

Use Paper Laterns and Mod Podge to Transform Any Backyard!

So the next time even though the weather did not call for rain before you next big event, if it does, you do not have to worry about your paper lanterns being ruined! I have left my paper lanterns outside for the last three weeks through five rainstorms and six rain showers. They still look amazing!

Order Your Paper Laterns Online!

Depending on how long you want to keep your paper lanterns up, remember the glue will eventually wash off.  However, you can prolong the life with the simple trick!

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