Chaise Me!

Don’t be afraid to stop every now and then to show some love to a beautiful piece of furniture that has not had any attention in a while. My chaise was the center piece of my living room when I first bought it 14 years ago!

Our Old Chaise!

Ten years ago, it was cast off to our bedroom only to be covered with laundry. Now, after alittle love, it is back to being the center of attention!

New Fabric!

ReCreative Soul Idea:  All you need is some fabric and a staple gun loaded with lots of staples! Head to your local fabric store with coupons in hand! Simply download to your smartphone! The bigger name stores always have additional discounts during major holidays! You can save up to 50%-70% on fabric if you go on the right day!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

The Day I Decided to Create ReCreative Souls!

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