Hammock Chair Fun! Baby It’s Cold Outside!

I loved rocking my baby to sleep in one of our outdoor hammock chairs when the weather was warmer.

My Maxwell Loved His Outdoor Hammock Chair!

However, like all things that stay outside, they started to get weather worn.  During the colder weather, bring your hammock chair indoors!

His Room Before the Transformation!

Turn something you love doing during warm weather to something you can do all year long.

An Indoor Hammock Chair!

ReCreative Soul Idea:   Locate a solid beam in the ceiling of the room you want to install a hammock or hammock chair.  Once you located the beam, install a plated screw eye in the ceiling that could hold atleast 300lbs.  You may have to go to your attic to ensure the screw eye is properly placed.  For fun, add color to any hammock chair with just a little dye!

Add Alittle Color!

Inspire your creative mind to recreate the beauty in your soul! #ReCreativeSouls

My ReCreative Soul!

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Thank you for visiting us! Big hug from Irene, Steve and Max!

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